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NorskWall FAQ

Most commonly asked questions regarding our NorskWall

1. How do I attach NorskTrack™ or NorskWall™ to the wall?

The panels are attached using screws provided or common drywall screws through the panel and directly into the interior studs of the wall. Our patented Kwik-Connect™ panels were designed to eliminate unsightly screw heads normally found in other products.

1. Mark the desired height of the NorskWall™ on your wall.
2. Draw a level line at this point (start at stud) to the end of where you want the Wall to stop.
3. Mark with pencil your stud locations on this level line.
4. Place Top Rail just above line (so you can see stud marks) make sure it is level and install screws starting them into indented slots at each stud location.
5. If creating a wall, continue adding more top rails across desired line until top rail of Wall is complete. Make sure you use a dowel and retaining ring in middle of each dowel to connect each top rail together. (If possible, try to use 1/2 of one stud for each piece of top rail). Lightly tap end of top rail with mallet to seat top rail onto the dowel.
6. Now that your top rail is complete and level, use a level and draw a line straight down each stud mark to just below bottom of last panel that you will use for NorskWall™. Now take each Norsk™ panel and slide into top rail, which will cover screws from previous steps.
7. Install screws in bottom track again where indent is located and where you have marked the studs.
8. If you are only creating a single column NorskWall™ skip to Step 9.
9. If you are creating a NorskWall™ with multiple columns, add dowels in each hole with retaining rings in middle of each prior to connecting next panel and repeat Step 6 until all panels are installed.
10. Install Bottom Rail pieces by simply placing them in bottom track (where screws are installed) and firmly pushing and locking them in.
11. LAST Step: Use long piece of side trim and cut to size (hack saw or other appropriate saw for cutting PVC) and install side trim clips (1 clip per slat) by sliding clip(s) onto rail located in side trim and snap into side of panels.

Please see instructions included with each pack of NorskWall/Track.

2. Can NorskTrack™ or NorskWall™ be installed over drywall?

Yes! NorskTrack™ or NorskWall™ can also be installed over existing plaster, drywall, and concrete walls. To install over concrete walls use firing strips or a concrete drill bit and “tap con” flathead screws to attach the same way as you would into a stud wall (pre-drilling screw locations).

3. Does NorskTrack™ or NorskWall™ eliminate the need for drywall on the wall between the home and the garage?

No. Building codes require drywall for the walls that attach directly from the garage to the home. However, you can eliminate drywall on the other walls and save the expense of covering with drywall, painting, mudding, tape, sanding, and repainting these areas.

4. Can I install NorskWall™ myself?

Yes! Our unique product design makes for an easy installation requiring only one person. NorskWall™ panels are installed with common tools. The panels can be cut with a miter saw or jig saw to make “cut outs” for outlets, light switches, etc. A power drill, level and pencil are needed for basic installations. Please note some of the average installation times for the following: NorskTrack (5 sq.ft.) – 15 to 30 minutes, NorskWall (10 sq.ft.) – 20 to 35 minutes, and NorskWall (20 sq.ft.) – 25 to 45 minutes. Installation times are inclusive of all parts assembly, cutting and trim placement.

5. Do I have to cover the entire wall?

No. You can install the NorskWall™ and NorskTrack™ where you need storage the most. Typically a 4’ or 5’ section can provide a ton of flexible storage to meet your storage needs. Slatwall panels attached near the ceiling or the floor yields little storage benefit. Our system allows the flexibility to connect panels in a track line all the way to covering a complete wall to be installed virtually anywhere.

6. What colors are currently available for NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™?

Currently NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ are only available in white.

7. What size are the NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ organizing panels?

NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ are 7.25” high and come in 4’ lengths. This allows for fast installation as well as unlimited design and layout options. One person can complete installation.

8. How much weight will each NorskTrack™ or NorskWall™ hold?

This depends on the accessory and how far the object is suspended from the panel itself. NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ are much stronger than drywall, pegboard, and most other slatwall products. Panels will typically hold up to 100 lbs. per sq. ft. with proper installation. 4-6” hooks will maintain 125 lbs. and 8” hooks will maintain 75 lbs.

9. What can I hang on NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™?

The slats on the NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ are 3” on center and will accommodate hooks from a wide range of manufactures, allowing you thousands of accessory options to hang everything from rakes, brooms, shovels, bikes, ladders, kid’s toys, to wheelbarrows and snow blowers.

10. Is NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ waterproof and mold resistant?

Yes! NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ is waterproof and mold / mildew resistant.

11. Can I add additional organizing or Norsk™ panels when needed?

Yes! Norsk™ modular systems make it easy to add more panels to your existing system as your storage needs arise. On each completed end, it is easy to configure connections that allow you to add additional panels as your needs change in the future.

12. Can I cut NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ panels?

Yes! definitely. NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ can easily be cut using a table saw or jig saw. For best results use a slider saw capable of making 12” or longer cut. Use a 90-tooth blade for a clean finish and then add our trim.

13. How do I install NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ over concrete or brick walls?

1. One way is to purchase concrete screws (our system comes with hardware for wood) these along with a hammer drill should work.

2. A second way is to fir out the wall using 2” x 2” studs. Anchor the studs to the concrete wall, a preferred method spacing them 16” off center. For added support when storing heavier items, we recommend installing a plywood sheet over the recently installed studs to help support our panels.

14. Is there an installation video that would aid me?

Yes! Demonstration videos can be viewed on our website. Our proprietary system allows even a novice a quick and easy installation. Our installation videos can be viewed in our videos section

15. How many hooks and accessories does NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ offer?

Norsk currently offers a variety of hooks, shelves, bins, and bags. NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ can be used to fit many other hooks and accessories on the market today. We will continue to provide many new and innovative accessories to complement your lifestyle and organization needs in the coming months.

16. How do I maintain and clean my new organizing system?

NorskTrack™ and NorskWall™ are heavy-duty cellular PVC extruded from the very best virgin materials that maintains its clean consistent finish. Simply clean with a mild household cleaner or feather duster.

17. Does the entire system interconnect and allow expansion?

Yes! the key advantages of the NorskWall™ System are ease of installation and flexibility, allowing you to create two very distinct organizational spaces: NorskTrack™ is for areas where only a select number of items need to be organized in a defined space. NorskWall™ is used to create the most flexible amount of storage space over a larger area. This modular feature makes it easy to add additional panels creating an entire wall of storage options. Our system also allows for many other hooks and accessories from various manufacturers to fit on our panels giving you the most options in the industry.
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