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Foam FAQ

Most commonly asked questions regarding Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring

1. What applications is this product designed for?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is a product designed for any area you have a need! Foam mats provide anti-fatigue and protection from hard surfaces where desired. Suggested uses may be various areas in homes, day-care centers, exercise/yoga areas, basements, kid’s play areas, laundry rooms, temporary in-home construction paths, gardening, recreation, churches, pre-schools, workshops, trade shows, camping sites, etc.

2. What is it made from that makes it recyclable?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is made from recycled polyethylene. It is the same material that a clear plastic sandwich bag is made from.

3. What tools are needed for installation?

No special tools are required! Simply piece together just as you would a big jigsaw puzzle.

4. Are the foam mats resistant to liquid spills?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is closed cell high-density foam material and will resist most liquid spills, however, all spills should be cleaned up immediately. Long exposure to moisture will absorb into the mats. Clean mats with a light soap and water mixture and allow time to dry.

5. Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is “Reversible.” What does that mean?

Some Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring have a patented reversible feature in which one side is one color and the reverse side is another color. Only one colored side can be used at a time. This allows the mat to appeal to a broader range of end-users. Norsk Sport Foam mats are 3/4” thick and are what we call “Truly Reversible” What that means is that you can mix and match color sides to create a checkered board pattern.

6. Is Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring safe for my children?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is the only multi-purpose foam flooring that has been tested and received an ASTM F 963 07 Child Safe rating. Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is also Non-toxic, Latex Free, Lead Free, Allergen Free, Phthalate Free and Odor Free.

7. Does the floor have anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties?

All foam flooring products have texture on both sides of the mat. This improves safety and provides good anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties, improving safety.

8. How do should we clean/maintain the product?

Clean mats with a damp cloth using mild soap and water.

9. Can the mats be used outdoors?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring was not designed for permanent outdoor use. Avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent color fading.

10. Is there any Latex contained in this product?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring is Non-toxic, Latex Free, Lead Free, Allergen Free, Phthalate Free and Odor Free.

11. Are these mats rated for children’s play areas?

The purchaser should pay special attention to all codes, laws, specifications and ratings for products specifically used in play areas, playgrounds, and other recreational uses where the safety of children and others are concerned. This product is not rated for outdoor playground use.

12. Can this product be used under or around exercise equipment?

Norsk Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring can be used “around” exercise equipment, but not “under” it. It is not designed to support prolonged weight without significant deterioration of the product.

13. Are trim pieces included with packs?

Yes, each foam tile includes two stamped trim pieces. A four pack includes 8 trim pieces and an 8 pack sold at Sam’s Club includes 16 pieces of trim. Please note: trim pieces should be removed before assembly.

14. Why does my trim not fit properly around my tiles?

During production, trim pieces are stamped into each tile. You will need to remove your trim pieces prior to laying out your floor. Your trim pieces may not fit perfectly to create a border. Do not worry, you are not going crazy- simply use the pieces that fit to create your border and use scissors or a utility knife for the remaining trim pieces to make them fit as good as possible. We DO NOT sell trim separately so you can make it fit by trimming. For a finished look, you may also install the flooring wall-to-wall and trim off ends. Try to keep each piece against walls as equal as possible.

15. What size are the tiles and how much area does a box cover?

Mat Sizes, Thicknesses and Colors:
24”x 24” x .47” Solid Gray or Multi-Color
24”x 24” x .51” Reversible (Ability to have one side or the other side) Gray/Black or Multi-color/Gray
24”x 24” x .75” Truly Reversible (Ability to mix and match sides) Gray/Black, Blue/Black
All Pack Sizes: (4)-Pack totaling 16 SQFT and 8 trim pieces.

16. How do you contact us?

Contact our customer service number at 888-443-9058 or
Email us at [email protected]
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