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Foam Instructions

Norsk™ Foam Flooring Installation Instructions

Most applications require only a limited area to be covered. Norsk™ borders can be used to finish off the edge of the surface area being covered, creating an area mat.

Layout of Room

For covering only a portion of an area or room:

Simply measure the area to be covered and multiply the length x width to some up with the amount of square feet needed. Divide the total square footage by 33.5 to get the amount of packs needed for your application. Simply lay out the Norsk™ mats in the pattern desired by connecting the interlocking teeth. Install all corner and straight border pieces for safety and a finished look.

For a permanent installation of an entire room, follow the following instructions:

Tools Needed: Utility Knife, Carpenters Square, Chalk line, straight edge, and paper and a pencil for tracing.

[ Image ] Chart A

Treat the room as a rectangle, disregarding offsets, alcoves, etc. Find the center points of the two end walls and snap a chalk line between them. Find the center of the chalk line and, using a carpenter's square, draw a second line at right angles to the first line and extend it to the sidewalls. The room is now divided into (4) equal parts.

Start at the center of the room where the two chalk lines intersect by laying a row of Norsk™ Foam Mats along one end wall and another to a side wall. Measure the distance from the last mat to the wall. If it is less than 6" move the centerline 6" nearer to the opposite wall. Do this in both directions. All borders will now be wider and will be easier to cut and fit. Starting at the centerline, make sure each Norsk™ mat is flush with the edge of the chalk line and each mat is connected snugly with the next one in line.

Fitting the Borders

[ Image ] Chart B

Place a loose mat directly over the last mat in the row. Place a loose mat directly over the first loose mat so that one end of the second mat is butted against the wall. Now mark the underneath mat with a pencil or a knife. Cut along the line created and lay the border section of mat in place, checking for a proper fit. Foam mat can be butted up against the wall and any molding can be removed and replaced, making any trim cut adjustments as needed.

Fitting Around Irregular Objects

Make a pattern out of heavy paper to fit around pipes or other irregular objects. Place the pattern on the mat and trace it. Cut along the lines with a utility knife.

Care and Maintenance

  • Always detach Norsk™ Foam Mat pieces slowly to avoid tearing of interlocking teeth.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent color fading.
  • Clean with a damp mop or cloth using mild soap and water.
  • Store in a safe place when not in use. Norsk™ Foam Mats are not warranted for permanent outdoor installations.
  • The purchaser should pay special attention to all codes, laws, specifications and ratings for products specifically used in play areas, playgrounds, and other recreational uses where the safety of children and others are concerned.
  • Objects in excess of 28 lbs. may cause permanent indentation. Heavy exercise equipment may permanently indent or otherwise damage this product.
  • Use Norsk™ Foam Mat borders for safety and a finished look.
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