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NorskTrack & NorskWall Slatwall

Our focus is on ease of installation and flexibility, allowing you to create two very distinct organizational spaces; NorskTrack is for areas where only a select number of items need to be organized in a defined space; NorskWall is used to create the most flexible amount of storage space over a larger area. Our modular feature makes it easy to add additional panels creating an entire wall of storage options.

  • NorskTrack is used for organizing your gear horizontally in a defined space. The Height is just under 12" high and comes in 48" lengths, so the determining factor is how much linear space you want to cover.
  • NorskWall is used to cover large surface areas both horizontally and vertically. Simply measure the amount of wall space needed to be covered and enter the dimensions into the NorskWall Designer - all materials needed are calculated automatically.
Ease Of Installation Our patented Kwik-Connect system allows each panel to quickly lock onto one another creating incredible ease of installation.

Quality Materials NorskWall is made of Heavy-Duty Cellular PVC material. Compare our panels to others in the market and you can see and feel the difference.

Turnkey Kits All parts are included to complete every installation. There's no need to buy color matched screws or expensive trim pieces. Norsk includes everything you need to complete a track or wall in every kit.

Flexibility Mix and match track and wall configurations using same panels to accommodate your organization needs.

Versatility Norsk's innovative Kwik-Lock accessories are the most versatile in the market, providing unlimited storage combinations. Kwik-Lock hooks are easily secured in place with a lever locking system that permits quick & easy locking and unlocking, making them easy to move and extremely secure when locked in place.

Aesthetic Appearance NorskWall panels have a hidden screw feature, eliminating unsightly screw heads from the entire wall and providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. Our patented Kwik-Connect system also features precision-machined dowels, allowing you to quickly connect panels side-by-side, creating clean, tight seams.

Compatibility Some other manufacturers hooks and accessories may be compatible and fit on NorskWall panels.
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