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Most commonly asked questions regarding Norsk PVC Flooring

1. What applications is this product designed for?

Multi-Purpose tiles are designed for commercial/residential use in garages, basements, laundry rooms, workshops, showrooms, warehouses, retail stores, commercial/ home gyms, churches, schools, hospitals, offices, aircraft hangars, etc.

2. Can you park your car on the tiles?

Yes! Our Multi-Purpose tiles are specifically designed to support the weight of automobiles and other heavy objects. The structural integrity is derived from our patent pending design.

3. What tools are needed for installation?

Rubber mallet, tape measure, utility knife and a circular or table saw.

4. Are the floor tiles resistant to liquid spills?

Multi-Purpose tiles are resistant to most solvents and chemicals. (it is recommended that all spills are cleaned up immediately) Patented AirDry™ design allows trapped moisture to flow from underneath and evaporate. Our Raised Diamond tiles have a special formulation that gives the tiles a more metallic (shiny) finish helping in ability or tiles to resist staining. All other tile styles have a mat finish and can show more dirt if spills are not cleaned up immediately.

5. Is there any special prep work required?

Sweeping or mopping floor prior to installation is recommended. Interlocking floor tiles made from Flexible PVC or similar materials typically get harder to install in cold weather conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that both the floor, and floor tile be kept at approximately 60° to 70° F for 24 to 48 hours prior to installation. You can install in colder/hotter conditions just be aware of higher and lower temps. Too cold..tile teeth can become brittle. Too hot…tile teeth can become too pliable and difficult to interlock.

6. How do you finish the edges of the tiles?

Finished edging is compatible with ALL Multi-Purpose tiles. Trim Kits are available in Black, Gray, Beige and Metallic Graphite. Each kit includes: (4) Corners and (14) straight pieces. Tile corners can be cut to make additional straight pieces. (Kit covers about 26 linear feet in total)

7. Does the floor have anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties?

Good anti-slip and fatigue relieving properties, improving safety and productivity.

8. Does this floor provide insulation?

Multi-Purpose tiles provide some thermal and acoustic insulation.

9. Can we replace tiles that are worn or damaged or to change color patterns?

Multi-Purpose tiles provide ultimate flexibility, allowing you to access and replace tiles in any part of the floor without having to pull up a section or the entire floor.

10. How do should we clean/maintain the product?

Clean with a damp mop or cloth using mild soap/detergent and water.

11. Can the tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, however even though our Multi-Purpose tiles are infused with a UV-inhibitor prolonged sun exposure can cause color fading. Some styles work better for outdoor use like our vented design. This design allows moisture to flow thru and it allows for less expansion and contraction when exposed to the elements of Mother Nature. Note: constant OUTDOOR exposure in climates that have high to low temps over an extended period of time can cause separation with trim and mushroom connections.

12. Is there any Latex contained in this product?

No there is no latex.

13. Are these tiles Flexible or hard like other tiles and how does that effect installation?

Most flooring surfaces are not perfectly level which can be problematic with polypropylene (hard) floor tiles in trying to deal with uneven subflooring surfaces. Norsk PVC flooring virtually eliminates this problem with the use of our proprietary formulation - our tiles are flexible and conform readily to the flooring surface, masking many imperfections in your floor. Most polypropylene (hard) tile products simply can’t overcome these types of flooring imperfections due to the inherent stiffness of the raw material, making them rigid and inflexible.

14. The fire marshal is requiring me to verify the fire rating for this product can you provide that information?

The fire ratings are as follows:
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION STANDARD UNIT OF MEASUREMENT Multi-Purpose Flooring Flame Spread DIN51960 A/NFPA 235 1995 Critical Rad Flux Class 1 Fire Resistance NSI/ASTM E648 979 Ohms Class 1

15. Can this product be used under or around exercise equipment?

This product is ideal for commercial and home gyms because of it’s durability. Added protection is recommended in free weight lifting areas since our PVC flooring is only 0.25” thick. Many users like our Norsk Sport tiles with Rhino-tec finish for these areas.

16. What can I do to make my floor more resistant to stains?

There are products on the market that address this. Since all our tiles are a mat finish except for our Raised Diamond Style a floor sealer or top coat could be beneficial. Like any garage flooring, Norsk floor tiles can eventually become stained by tire marks and chemicals. While no floor is stain proof some topcoats or floor sealers have provided our customers with an increased level of stain resistance. There are so many products on the market we cannot endorse any in particular brand because of varying installation requirements across product lines and year round weather conditions around the country. That being said you should look for a water based product that goes on clear and dries clear. Look for products that provide “Stain Blocking” for PVC or rubber flooring.

17. What grade of quality are Multi-Purpose tiles?

Multi-Purpose tiles are made from the highest quality raw materials available. This includes the use of virgin materials where appropriate and quality control processes not used by any other manufacturer. Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities allow us to maintain tolerances that others cannot duplicate. As a result Norsk™ PVC floor tiles are the highest quality products available in the market today.

18. What is the Norsk AirDry™ System and why is that important?

Norsk’s Moisture Solution – No matter what climate you live in, at some point in time moisture will have some type of impact on your flooring selection. All competitive PVC floors have either a smooth or square grid underside. There is one significant problem inherent with these designs – what happens with moisture when it gets trapped beneath the flooring surface? Whether it is from rain, snow, washing cars, or cleaning out the garage, there is no way you will stop moisture from getting under your rolled flooring or tiles. Norsk has developed a moisture combating solution called AirDry technology that allows airflow to move under the floor, allowing any moisture to evaporate or weep away. Even our trim has the same feature. Norsk has taken the most redeeming feature of a polypropylene floor and engineered its innovative AirDry™ design into our entire offering of PVC products.

19. What size are the tiles and how much area does a box cover?

Tile Size = 18.3” x 18.3” x .250” = 2.32 sq. ft.
Package Sizes: (6) pack box covers 13.95 sq. ft.

20. What floor Style and Colors are available?

Raised Diamond: Black, Metallic Graphite and Metallic Pewter
Raised Coin: Black, Dove Gray, and Beige
Vented: Dove Gray
Sport-Mat w/ Rhino-tec™ finish: Black and Dove Gray

21. How do you contact us?

Either call our customer service number at 888-443-9058 or email us at [email protected]
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